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High quality, Safe, Excellent products produced in professional machines …

Our company established in 1983 as a small workshop, was corporated in 2003 and got the name of KAYALAR YAY SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. With 37 years of experience and perseverance, it has become a respected company of Turkish industry not only in terms of production but also in quality of production with international technology, expert staff and wide machine park.


We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by continuously improving the quality by using ISO 9001:2015 quality system at all stages from raw material entry to product shipment and giving trainings to adopt quality awareness to all our employees.


We provide added value to our customers by following the latest production technologies in the sector and making necessary machinery and equipment investments.


With the awareness that the most important step for us to continue our relationships with our customers for years is trust, we provide confidence as a company with a focus on customer satisfaction, with all kinds of transparency and sincere information sharing about the confidentiality of each customer’s information.


We are investing in automation systems in order to simplify the assembly process of our customers, to produce products at optimum costs and to be competitive.

With the experience coming from past, we produce high quality and latest technology products with perfect workmanship…


We make a very large field of spring manufacturing in the automotive sector, which is the locomotive of our country…

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White Goods

In parallel with the increasing production volume in the white goods sector in the world,we have been a specialist and…

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Electrical and Electronics

Kayalar Spring is the leading company in the electrical and electronics sector…

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In the face of increasing energy demand in the world, we are increasing our production and…

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Kayalar Spring is capable of producing all springs used in the weapon industry with high quality and universal standards…

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We serve the agricultural industry with years of experience in the spring manufacturing, which many agricultural machinery…

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Kayalar Spring, the leading supplier of many companies in the furniture industry, is making a difference in the sector with the…

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Machine Manufacturing

All the release, return, cocking and form springs required by the machinery manufacturing industry…

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