Quality assurance

The raw materials used in spring production are supplied from companies that have proven themselves in the world with the qualities that best meet the demands of our customers. All our raw materials are supplied with quality-certified and analysis measurement reports. Incoming raw materials are used in production after entering the quality control tests and after approval is obtained. Manufactured products are made ready after passing he final quality control tests and got approval before going to our customers.Shipment is made to customer with the final quality control report and material analysis certificate.


For years, our company has been manufacturing in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality system in each unit from raw material entry to packing stage.

Our company also started to work for ISO 16949 quality certificate in order to provide healthier service to the automotive sector.


  • Force measurement
  • Diameter, length, winding and angle controls
  • Steep control
  • Parallel control
  • Fatigue test.